Federal Ruling Advances $30m Computer Sciences Corp. Overtime & Damages Payout

Tech Support Workers Willfully Underpaid By Computer Sciences Corporation

As reported by Law360 (subscription), systems administrators at Computer Sciences Corporation are on track to receive approximately $30 million in damages and unpaid overtime after Judge Janet Bond Arterton of the Connecticut “resolved a series of remedies questions left open after their December jury win.” Judge Arterton noted that CSC must pay the class the value of years of overtime worked at 1.5 their regular wage amount instead of a lower, fluctuating work-week rate. The Judge stated there was no doubt that CSC had failed to pay the workers the extra amount when they worked over 40 hours per week. [Read more…]

Connecticut Jury Finds Tech Support Workers Were “Willfully” Underpaid By Computer Sciences Corporation

Tech Support Workers Willfully Underpaid By Computer Sciences Corporation

Class Action Lawsuit Accused Leading Multinational IT Provider of Failing to Pay Overtime to Systems Administrators

NEW HAVEN, CT – A federal jury ruled late Wednesday that Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), which recently merged with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services to form DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), wrongly and willfully denied overtime pay to approximately 1,000 current and former technology support workers around the country. After deliberating over two days, the Connecticut jury unanimously rejected CSC’s claim that its System Administrators in the “Associate Professional” and “Professional” job titles are exempt under federal, Connecticut and California law, ruling instead that the workers should have been classified as nonexempt and paid overtime. The jury found CSC’s violations to be willful, triggering additional damages. The misclassifications were made despite the fact that, in 2005, CSC paid $24 million to settle similar claims from a previous group of technical support workers. [Read more…]