Judge Orders Fiat Chrysler and DOJ to Meet With Settlement Master in Emissions Fraud Suit

As reported by Law 360, after significant delays in the settlement process, a California federal judge has ordered Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV and the U.S. Department of Justice to meet face-to-face with a court appointed Settlement Master in order to reach an agreement to end the government’s suit over the automaker’s excessive diesel vehicle emissions.

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State Farm Settles Rigged-Judge Auto Parts RICO Fraud Trial for $250 Million

Hale, et al. v. State Farm, No. 3:12-cv-00660 (S.D. Illinois) began over 20 years ago with a class action suit by State Farm insureds alleging State Farm wrongly replaced their post-accident vehicle parts with non-OEM in violation of the terms of their insurance policies. In 1999, an Illinois state court jury awarded plaintiffs $456 million

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Hundreds of Wells Fargo Customers Lose Their Homes to Foreclosure Due to Bank’s Mistakes and Aggressive Actions

Homeowners’ homes foreclosed on after Wells Fargo’s software incorrectly denied available mortgage modifications News sources have revealed that more than 600 Wells Fargo customers were incorrectly denied loan modifications under a federal assistance program set up by the Treasury Department in 2009, with 400 of the owners ultimately losing their homes to bank foreclosure. The

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Fiat Chrysler & Bosch Try to Escape RICO Claims in Emissions Fraud Litigation

Fiat Chrysler and Bosch are trying to convince a federal judge in California to throw out RICO claims brought by drivers in multidistrict litigation centering on claims that the companies cheated on vehicle emissions testing. The companies argue that only regulators, and not the consumers bringing the current lawsuit, are entitled to relief under the

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Mandatory Arbitration Clauses Should Be Banned From Insurance Policies

Formal amendment to the Model Unfair Trade Practices Act seeks to prohibit pre-dispute forced arbitration provisions According to Insurance Business America, pretty much everyone except big business hates forced dispute arbitration, a diversion of adjudication from open courts to closed, one-sided panels that has been shoved down the throats of consumers across nearly every industry.

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Judge Holds Racketeering Lawsuit Against State Farm Over Election Manipulations Can Go Forward

Insurer is accused of secretly and improperly funding state judge’s campaign so it could get a $1 billion judgment against overturned U.S. District Judge David R. Herndon has ruled that Lieff Cabraser’s class action lawsuit can proceed against State Farm over charges the insurer acted illegally in spending millions on a secret campaign to get

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“Backfired: When VW Lied To America”

New Documentary Captures VW Diesel Emissions Scandal & the Clean Air Movement in California A new documentary titled “Backfired: When VW Lied To America” will soon be coming to TV screens and movie theaters around the country. Produced by Dale Bell, co-founder of The Media and Policy Center in Burbank, California, the film provides the

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Complaints About Automated Robocalls Rose Dramatically in 2017

A Federal Trade Commission (FTC) report reveals that consumer complaints about harassing unwanted automated telemarketing calls jumped significantly in 2017, and have quadrupled since 2009. There were a total of 4.5 million robocall complaints last year, and the agency received an additional 2.5 million complaints about live telemarketing calls; on average, the FTC received over

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