Jonathan Selbin Talks to Consumer Reports About Forced Arbitration

Jonathan Selbin Talks to Consumer Reports About Forced Arbitration

Consumer Reports has published an in-depth article on forced arbitration, uncovering the devastating negative impact it has had on the rights of American consumers by limiting their options to seek justice and compensation when products turn out to be faulty or harmful. [Read more…]

Class Action Lawsuits Play Critical Role in the Fight to Protect Consumers and Workers from Being Cheated –

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Powerful and straightforward piece in Slate reveals how Americans have had their consumer and employee rights stripped away from them

Since their inception, class action lawsuits have provided consumers with a mechanism to challenge and deter large corporations from breaking the law. Over the last decade, however, hundreds of millions of Americans have seen themselves legally prohibited from bringing or joining such lawsuits as the imposition of forced arbitration has skyrocketed to restrict their rights. Forced arbitration provisions drastically limit the rights of consumers and employees. As Slate observes, this onetime major recourse for individuals facing illegal behavior by giant corporations is reeling in the wake of a Supreme Court “determined to stamp them out.” [Read more…]

American Association for Justice Issues Call for Action to End Forced Arbitration

American Association for Justice Calls For Action to End Forced Arbitration

The Chief Operating Officer of the  American Association for Justice (AAJ) recently penned a letter to the public in an attempt to provide people with the latest information on how to get involved in the AAJ’s grassroots efforts to end forced arbitration. [Read more…]