New Film ‘When Rules Don’t Apply’ Spotlights Successful Antitrust Challenges to Illegal High-Tech Labor Practices

When Rules Don’t Apply Film

Half-hour film includes commentary from Lieff Cabraser Antitrust & Employment Law partner Dean Harvey on the civil Apple/Google/Intel et al. lawsuit initiated by our firm

In the wake of the successful and precedent-setting lawsuit against numerous tech giants of Silicon Valley, David Donnenfield of Full Frame Productions and Kevin White of Filmmakers Collaborative SF have released “When Rules Don’t Apply,” a new short film highlighting the pivotal legal antitrust actions brought by Lieff Cabraser and its co-counsel against Google, Apple, eBay and other major hi-tech players over the illegal suppression of employee wages and restrictions on employee mobility. [Read more…]

Ninth Circuit Denies Review of District Court’s Class Certification Order in High-Tech Employee Antitrust Litigation

Today, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denied review of the district court’s order certifying a class of technical employees who worked at seven high-tech companies—including Adobe, Apple, Google, and Intel—from approximately 2005 through 2009. As a result, the class certification order stands. [Read more…]