Lieff Cabraser Announces Notice of Settlement for Anticoagulant Medications Lovenox® and Generic Enoxaparin

If You Bought or Provided Reimbursement for the Anticoagulant Medications Lovenox® or Generic Enoxaparin Between September 21, 2011 and September 30, 2015 You Could Get Money from Class Action Settlements Totaling $120 Million Proposed Settlements totaling $120 million have been reached in a class action lawsuit regarding the price that uninsured consumers, hospitals, and third-party

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Lieff Cabraser Announces Settlement of Lovenox/Enoxaparin Drug Antitrust Class Action with Momenta and Sandoz

$120 million aggregate settlement will benefit hospitals, insurers and companies that pay for their employees’ healthcare costs, and uninsured people affected by the pharma companies’ alleged anticompetitive conduct Lieff Cabraser is proud to announce that Momenta Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Sandoz Inc. have agreed to settlements totaling $120 million in the antitrust class action about enoxaparin,

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Plaintiffs Secure $35M Settlement With Momenta Pharma in Lovenox Blood Clot Drug Antitrust Class Action

As reported by Law360 (subscription), the parties in the Lovenox/Enox blood clot drug antitrust lawsuit have announced a $35 million settlement in the class action lawsuit brought on behalf of thousands of buyers of generic Lovenox (enoxaparin) that accused the company and Sandoz Pharmaceuticals of illegally conspiring to prevent other drug companies from competing in the

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Lieff Cabraser Named Class Counsel in Now-Certified Lovenox Antitrust Class Action Against Momenta & Sandoz

Case alleges Momenta and Sandoz conspired to monopolize the production and distribution of enoxaparin, a generic version of the blood clot drug Lovenox As reported by Law360, Chief Judge Waverly D. Crenshaw, Jr. of the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee has certified a class of thousands of buyers of generic

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