New York State and 18 Other Jurisdictions Drastically Expand Window on Child Sexual Abuse Cases

California Expands Window for Filing Child Sexual Abuse Cases

Victims can now bring suit for much older abuse cases that would in the past have been blocked by statutes of limitation

Nonprofit think tank Child USA reports that no fewer than 19 jurisdictions in the United States are significantly expanding their windows on the prosecution of sexual abuse crimes. On August 14, 2019, New York State will be the first to do so by extending its criminal statute of limitations for felony prosecutions for sexual abuse to victims aged 28 and for misdemeanor prosecutions to victims aged 25. The new law will also allow civil claims against individuals and institutions to be brought by adults up to age 55, and removes the 90-day notice requirement for claims against public institutions. The new law further opens a 1-year “revival window” against individuals and institutions that will allow past abuse to be reported and prosecuted. This new mandate was signed into law by New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo on February 14, 2019. [Read more…]

Passage of NY Child Victims Act Presents Vital Opportunity for Survivors of Sexual Abuse at Rockefeller Hospital to Seek Redress

California Expands Window for Filing Child Sexual Abuse Cases

In 2018 The New York Times published an explosive article detailing a widespread pattern of sexual exploitation and abuse by now-deceased Dr. Reginald Archibald at New York’s Rockefeller University Hospital in a staggering range of incidents dating as far back as the 1950s and extending to a thousand patients or more. Now that New York legislature has passed a groundbreaking expansion of the time period in which survivors can bring lawsuits relating to such offenses, affected patients of Dr. Archibald are empowered to seek redress for their past victimization via legal means. [Read more…]

New York State Senate Passes Child Victims Act

California Expands Window for Filing Child Sexual Abuse Cases

After years of being blocked by a Republican-controlled legislature, the Child Victims Act, sponsored by Senator Brad Hoylman’s and Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal, has finally been passed by the New York State Senate. As reported by The New York Times, for the past 13 years, activists and Democratic officials in the state of New York have fought to strengthen protections for childhood abuse victims, only to face significant resistance from powerful interests groups including insurance companies, private schools, and leaders from the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox Jewish communities. [Read more…]