The New York Times: “The Troubled-Teen Industry Offers Trauma, Not Therapy”

The growing national movement to expose and reform the increasingly dangerous “troubled-teen” industry is highlighted in a powerful New York Times opinion piece A compelling New York Times op-ed written by contributing Op-Ed writer Maia Szalavitz brings needed attention to the increasing efforts to address the murky and dangerous practices rife within the “troubled-teen” industry.

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Unsilenced: A Nonprofit Dedicated to Protecting Youth from the Troubled Teen Industry

Unsilenced is a dedicated nonprofit organization combatting institutional child abuse by targeting the “Troubled Teen Industry” (TTI) – a pervasive network of unregulated congregate care facilities. While these facilities’s stated mission is to assist youth grappling with mental health and/or educational challenges, reports from families and residents allege that such teen care facilities all-too frequently

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