FTC Files Statement in Support of 3.0 Liter “Clean Diesel” VW Settlement

FTC Supports VW Consumer Settlement

On February 1, 2017, the Federal Trade Commission filed a Statement in support of the 3.0 Liter “Clean Diesel” Volkswagen, Porsche and Audi consumer settlements with Judge Charles Breyer of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. “As part of its effort to protect American consumers,” the Commission voted unanimously to approve the proposed FTC Order, which resolves its claims concerning 3.0-liter vehicles with “Clean Diesel” TDI engines in which Volkswagen employed defeat devices to cheat on emissions tests and deceived consumers through its extensive and brazenly false “Clean Diesel” marketing campaign. [Read more…]

American Lawyer Highlights “Blockbuster” VW Emissions Settlement in Year-End Roundup

Scales of Justice in courtroom

The American Lawyer takes a look back at how the plaintiffs’ bar fared for better and for worse in 2016, including a report on the “blockbuster” $14.7 billion settlement in the Volkswagen diesel emissions consumer fraud case that surpassed previous automotive industry records and may well have set an all-time speed and efficiency record for a case of its size, running from inception to resolution in less than a year. [Read more…]

Money Over Cars: 210,000 VW Diesel Owners Decide on Vehicle Buyback

Money Over Cars: 210,000 VW Diesel Owners Decide on Vehicle Buyback

Out of the 475,000 Volkswagen 2.0 liter diesel engine owners, approximately 210,000 individuals have chosen to partake in the $14.7 billion settlement that is awaiting final court approval. Under the settlement terms, VW and Audi owners have the option of selling their cars back to the dealership or having them fixed to meet U.S. environmental standards and clean air laws. In addition, owners will receive $5,100 to $10,000 compensation for their time and trouble during this scandal. [Read more…]

VW Emissions Case Looks Towards Settlement Over 3.0 Liter Engine Cars

VW Diesel Emissions Case Settlement

At a hearing today in federal court in San Francisco before District Court Judge Charles M. Breyer, meaningful progress was reported towards a settlement between Volkswagen and over 650 U.S. VW franchise dealerships over vehicles “rendered unsellable” by the company’s diesel emissions scandal. The parties announced a proposed deal that includes a settlement fund as well as a buyback plan for used diesel vehicles that Law360 (subscription) noted would be “under the same terms available to owners of 2.0-liter vehicles” under the earlier-announced $14.7 billion settlement. The value of the proposed settlement fund for dealerships was not disclosed. [Read more…]

Court Grants Preliminary Approval to $14.7 Billion Settlement in VW Diesel Emissions Scandal

VW Diesel Emissions Scandal Settlement

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, and numerous other outlets, U.S. District Judges Charles Breyer has granted preliminary approval to a $14.7 billion settlement in the Volkswagen diesel emissions case, where more than 500 federal lawsuits have been filed and consolidated into one complaint against the automaker for its “dirty diesel” vehicles. In late 2015, the German carmaker publicly admitted that it had rigged emissions production in the diesel engines of approximately 11 million vehicles worldwide. [Read more…]

Compensation for Volkswagen’s Diesel Emissions Victims

Compensation for Volkswagen's Diesel Emissions Victims

Working with plaintiffs’ counsel and lawyers for Volkswagen, the federal government has reached a $14.7 billion settlement in the Volkswagen diesel emissions cheating scandal, deemed “one of the largest consumer class action payouts in American history” by the New York Times. Owners and lessees of VW and Audi 2.0-liter diesel vehicles will be provided with substantial compensation through buybacks, lease terminations, government-approved emissions modifications, and cash payments. As noted by the Times, the settlement “should also act as a deterrent to future bad behavior by companies that deliberately violate rules aimed at protecting consumers and the environment.” [Read more…]

VW Emissions Settlement Proposal Receives June 28 Extension Due to “Highly Technical” Nature of Case

VW Emissions Settlement Proposal Receives Week Extension

U.S. District Judge Charles R. Breyer issued a June 15 order giving the plaintiffs’ steering committee, the U.S. Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission until June 28 at noon – a full week longer than the original deadline – to file for preliminary approval of a proposed emissions fraud case settlement agreement with Volkswagen. [Read more…]

Volkswagen Given Another Month to Develop Proposal to Fix 600,000 Dirty Diesel U.S. Engines

Volkswagen Given Another Month to Develop Proposal to Fix 600,000 Dirty Diesel U.S. Engines

U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer is giving German automaker Volkswagen an additional month to cultivate a proposal to fix its diesel vehicles that violate U.S. emissions standards. The car manufacturer failed to meet the judge’s initial deadline of March 24 to come up with a solution to fix the 600,000 U.S. diesel-powered VW, Audi, and Porsche vehicles still on the road.

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Diesel Vehicles Buyback: Possible Solution to VW Emissions Scandal?

VW Diesel Emission Vehicles

During the January 21, 2016 hearing in San Francisco, it was calculated that the number of diesel vehicles in the U.S. affected by the Volkswagen emissions fraud amounted to a total of 575,000, higher than previous estimates. The German car manufacturer currently faces hundreds of class action lawsuits from consumers who were harmed by VW’s deception and fraud concerning deceptively “clean diesel” engines in their vehicles.

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Elizabeth Cabraser Appointed Lead Counsel in Volkswagen Emissions Fraud MDL

Elizabeth Cabraser Appointed Lead Counsel in Volkswagen Emissions Fraud MDL

Lieff Cabraser name partner and co-founder Elizabeth J. Cabraser has been appointed sole lead class counsel in charge of coordinating and conducting the nationwide multi-district litigation against Volkswagen over its use of software cheats to commit emissions fraud. In the pretrial order issued late on January 21st, U.S. District Judge Charles Breyer expressed his confidence that Ms. Cabraser would “effectively represent and guide the plaintiffs toward a resolution that is in their best interests.” He noted her “extensive experience with multi-district litigation” and “leadership positions in 17 different MDLs, including several that involved automobile defects.” Ms. Cabraser was one of more than 150 attorneys seeking lead roles in the litigation.

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VW Admits Emissions Cheating Was Not One-Time Error

VW Emissions Cheating Not One-Time Error

The chairman of Volkswagen’s supervisory board has admitted that Volkswagen employees began cheating on emissions tests more than a decade ago, after they determined they could not meet clean air standards in the U.S. legally. Board Chairman Hans-Dieter Pötsch admitted that the wrongdoing began in 2005 when the company decided to make diesel cars the focus of its United States marketing. Volkswagen saw diesel, which it promoted as delivering superior fuel economy and acceleration, as a way to set itself apart from competitors. The fake emissions testing results allowed the vehicles to pass U.S. clean air regulations. [Read more…]

Volkswagen Emissions Fraud Litigation Will Proceed in Federal Court in California

VW Emissions Fraud Litigation

On Tuesday, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) consolidated more than 500 lawsuits accusing Volkswagen of cheating on vehicle emissions standards. The JPML stated that federal court in San Francisco would serve as the best venue, given that nearly one-fifth of the emissions fraud cases against Volkswagen had been filed in California. [Read more…]

Volkswagen Sued Nationwide Over Diesel Emissions Scandal

Volkswagen Sued Nationwide Over Diesel Emissions Scandal

In what could become one of the largest automotive lawsuits in recent years, consumers have filed more than 480 federal cases against German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) over its much-covered diesel vehicle emissions scandal. The consumer fraud litigation involves half a million American automobiles that have been sold since the year 2008. [Read more…]

Nationwide VW Emissions Class Action Lawsuits Filed

Nationwide VW Recall Class Action Lawsuits Filed

“Truth in Engineering” is Audi’s official slogan. Sadly, the Audi A3 and multiple Volkswagen cars with diesel engines were allegedly engineered to deceive. This is one of the allegations in separate class action complaints filed yesterday and Tuesday by Audi and VW owners represented by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel in federal courts in New Jersey and California.

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