Baycol Injuries Class Action Lawsuit

Result: Confidential settlements
Year: 2006

In re Baycol Products Litigation

Baycol was one of a group of drugs called statins, intended to reduce cholesterol. In August 2001, Bayer A.G. and Bayer Corporation, the manufacturers of Baycol, withdrew the drug from the worldwide market based upon reports that Baycol was associated with serious side effects and linked to the deaths of over 100 patients worldwide.

In the federal multi-district litigation, Lieff Cabraser served as a member of the Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee (PSC) and the Executive Committee of the PSC. In addition, Lieff Cabraser represented approximately 200 Baycol patients who suffered injuries or family members of patients who died allegedly as a result of ingesting Baycol. In these cases, our clients reached confidential favorable settlements with Bayer.

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