Telectronics Pacing Systems

In re Telectronics Pacing Systems Inc., Accufix Atrial “J” Leads Products Liability Litigation, MDL No. 1057 (S.D. Ohio)

Lieff Cabraser served on the Court-appointed Plaintiffs’ Steering Committee in a nationwide products liability action alleging that defendants placed into the stream of commerce defective pacemaker leads.  In April 1997, the District Court re-certified a nationwide class of “J” Lead implantees with subclasses for the claims of medical monitoring, negligence and strict product liability.  A summary jury trial, utilizing jury instructions and interrogatories designed by Lieff Cabraser, occurred in February 1998.  A partial settlement was approved thereafter by the District Court but reversed by the Court of Appeals.  In March 2001, the District Court approved a renewed settlement that included a $58 million fund to satisfy all past, present and future claims by patients for their medical care, injuries, or damages arising from the lead.

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