Lieff Cabraser Files Consumer Protection Lawsuit Against General Motors in Federal Court in Tennessee Alleging Air Conditioning Systems in Certain GM Vehicles Are Defective

Defective Air Conditioning

Lieff Cabraser and Bruno Newsom filed a consumer fraud class action lawsuit against General Motors Company in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee today on behalf of all persons who purchased or leased in Tennessee certain GM vehicles equipped with an allegedly defective air conditioning system. The lawsuit claims the vehicles in question have a serious defect that causes the air conditioning systems to crack and leak refrigerant, lose pressure, and fail to function properly to provide cooled air into the vehicles. These failures lead owners and lessees to incur significant costs for repair, often successive repairs as the repaired parts prove defective as well.
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Honda Settles Deadly Takata Airbags Case; Lawsuits Continue Against Fiat Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, and GM

Takata airbag lawsuits

On September 1, 2017, Honda agreed to a $605 million settlement in multidistrict litigation with consumers over dangerous and deadly Takata airbags in Honda vehicles. The settlement will cover owners of 11.4 million U.S. vehicles with potentially faulty Takata air bag inflators. Honda is the sixth automaker to avoid litigation via the settlement path after Nissan, BMW, Mazda, Subaru, and Toyota reached similar settlements valued at over $651 million earlier in the year. Honda’s settlement leaves suits ongoing against Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler, General Motors, and Mercedes-Benz, among other auto manufacturers. [Read more…]

Experts Say GM Bellwether Win In Ignition Switch Defect Trial Not A Likely Predictor of Future Case Outcomes

generic gm

While GM won a victory in July 2017’s seventh and most recent bellwether trial over deadly ignition switch defects in GM vehicles, legal experts are saying such victories are far from a guarantee of future success for the automaker, which faces a myriad of additional lawsuits over allegedly defective GM vehicle ignition switches.

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American Lawyer Highlights “Blockbuster” VW Emissions Settlement in Year-End Roundup

Scales of Justice in courtroom

The American Lawyer takes a look back at how the plaintiffs’ bar fared for better and for worse in 2016, including a report on the “blockbuster” $14.7 billion settlement in the Volkswagen diesel emissions consumer fraud case that surpassed previous automotive industry records and may well have set an all-time speed and efficiency record for a case of its size, running from inception to resolution in less than a year. [Read more…]

GM Auto Recall of 4.3 Million Vehicles Due to Airbag Software Defect

GM Auto Recall of 4.3 Million Vehicles Due to Airbag Software Defect

General Motors will voluntarily recall nearly 4.3 million vehicles worldwide due to an airbag software defect linked to at least one death and three injuries in the United States. The defect purportedly prevents the airbags from inflating in a car accident. The auto recall affects about 3.64 million vehicles in the U.S., including trucks, cars, and SUVs with the 2014-2017 model years. [Read more…]

GM Ignition Engineers Forbidden from Using Certain Terms to Warn About Defect

GM Ignition Injury Lawsuits

As reported by Law360, a former automotive industry engineer testified in a Tuesday bellwether trial that General Motors engineers were forbidden by company policy from utilizing certain terms like “problem” or “bad” (and even terms like “rolling sarcophagus,” which even needing a policy against speaks volumes about issues with the switches themselves) when describing the GM ignition switches. This consequently prevented these engineers from warning officials about the failing ignition switches and product defect.

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Judge States GM’s Arguments “Fail as a Matter of Law” in First Case on Ignition Switch Defect

First Trial Case on GM Ignition Switch Defect

U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman in Manhattan stated that the arguments General Motors Co. presented for dismissal of the automaker’s faulty ignition switch trial “fail as a matter of law.” As a result of Furman’s refusal to dismiss plaintiffs’ allegations, the first case against GM will proceed to trial, set to begin January 11. [Read more…]

General Motors Consumer Lawsuit Alleges Mail and Wire Fraud

General Motors Consumer Lawsuit Alleges Mail and Wire Fraud in GM's Concealment of Ignition Switch Defect

Consumers represented by co-lead counsel Lieff Cabraser and Hagens Berman today filed an expanded class-action complaint against General Motors (NYSE:GM), bringing RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) claims against New GM based on new information from the lawsuit’s discovery phase that indicates New GM committed mail and wire fraud in connection with the ignition switch defect that causes cars to stall unexpectedly and disables the cars’ airbags.

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