Final Approval Granted to $48.95M Knorr Wabtec Railway Industry Employee No-Poach Antitrust Settlement

Railway freight cars and train

Lawsuit alleged the companies agreed to under-the-table and illegal deals to not-hire each other’s employees in order to keep wages and job competition low

On August 26, 2020, Judge Joy Flowers Conti of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania granted final approval to a settlement of the labor antitrust litigation filed by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel on behalf of railway workers who alleged an illegal scheme by Knorr and Wabtec to improperly avoid hiring each other’s employees to artificially suppress compensation and competition in the related job market. Judge Conti found the settlement merited final approval, and approved the proposed Notice Administrator, the forms of Notice and the Notice Plan, conditionally certified a Settlement Class that satisfied all prerequisites for Rule 23(a) and (b) certification. [Read more…]

Judge Close To Granting Preliminary Approval of $48.95M Settlement in Knorr, Wabtec No-Poach Antitrust Case

Freight train with cargo containers

As reported by Law360 (Subscription), U.S District Judge Joy Flowers Conti has indicated she is close to granting preliminary approval to a $48.95 million settlement of the antitrust lawsuit in which employee plaintiffs alleged Knorr-Bermse AG and Wabtec Corp. improperly agreed not to hire each other’s employees resulting in suppressed and lost wages. The settlement proceeds will be distributed to workers of both companies. [Read more…]

Judge in USC Tyndall Sex Abuse Gender Violence Case Grants Final Approval to Landmark $215M Settlement for Ex-Gynecologist’s Student Patients

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As reported by Law360 (subscription), on February 26, 2020, Judge Stephen V. Wilson of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California issued an order granting final approval to the $215 million settlement between USC and a class of thousands of women who claim they were sexually abused by university doctor George Tyndall between 1989 and 2016. [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser Announces Settlement of Knorr and Wabtec Employee No-Poach Antitrust Lawsuit

Freight train with cargo containers

Proposed settlements with world’s dominant railway equipment suppliers will provide $48.95 million for employees who alleged their compensation was adversely impacted by an agreement between Knorr and Wabtec not to poach each other’s employees

Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP and Fine, Kaplan and Black, R.P.C. announce a total of $48.95 million in settlements to resolve antitrust claims of a class of approximately 8,396 employees of Westinghouse Air Brake Technologies Corporation and certain subsidiaries (“Wabtec”) and Knorr-Bremse AG and certain subsidiaries (“Knorr”). Knorr has agreed to pay $12 million, and Wabtec has agreed to pay $36.95 million. [Read more…]

USC Gynecologist Sexual Abuse Class Action Settlement Receives Final Approval


On February 19, 2020, Judge Stephen V. Wilson of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California granted final approval to the $215 million settlement between USC and a class of thousands of women who claim they were sexually abused by university doctor George Tyndall between 1989 and 2016. Judge Wilson further ordered the parties to submit a proposed final approval order and judgment. [Read more…]

Preliminary Approval Granted to Settlement in Navistar Diesel Engine EGR Emissions Defect Litigation

Navistar MaxxForce Diesel Engine Emissions Settlement

$135 million settlement provides class members with $2,500 per truck or $10,000 rebate off new truck, or option to seek up to $15,000 per truck in out of pocket damages caused by alleged defect

On June 12, 2019, Judge Joan B. Gottschall of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois issued an Order granting preliminary approval to a proposed settlement of multidistrict litigation brought on behalf of plaintiff truck owners and lessees alleging that Navistar, Inc. and Navistar International, Inc. sold or leased 2011-2014 model year vehicles equipped with certain MaxxForce 11- or 13-liter diesel engines equipped with a defective EGR emissions system. Judge Gottschall ruled that the proposed class action settlement which had been submitted to the Court on May 28, 2019, is likely to be approved as fair, reasonable, and adequate in addressing plaintiffs’ claims, and that the Court was also likely to certify the Settlement Class for purposes of implementing the settlement. [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser Announces Settlement in Samsung Top-Loading Washing Machine Explosions Litigation

CPSC Recalls 2.8 Million Samsung Top-Loading Washing Machines Over Explosion Risks

Samsung making more than $100 million available to owners of certain 2011-2016 Samsung top-loading washers with a range of benefits including rebates, refunds, and repairs

March 18, 2019, New York—(BUSINESSWIRE)—The law firm of Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, announces that a settlement ( has been reached with defendant Samsung Electronics and retailer defendants including Best Buy, Home Depot, and Lowe’s over certain 2011-2016 models of Samsung top-loading washing machines whose tops consumers alleged could detach during operation and whose drain pumps could break or detach during operation. Consumers contended that the washing machines, whose operations caused some of the devices to explode in owners’ homes, are defective; Samsung and the defendants deny all of the allegations of the lawsuit, including those relating to defects in the washers. [Read more…]

Samsung Exploding Washers Class Action Settlement to Make More Than $200 Million Available to Class Members

CPSC Warning: Samsung Washing Machines Are Exploding

A federal court judge has granted preliminary approval to a settlement between Samsung Electronics and consumers who asserted claims that certain Samsung top-load washing machines could have their tops detach, their drain pumps fail, and even explode during normal use. Between the terms of the settlement preliminarily approved by Judge Timothy D. DeGiusti of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma, and the existing washer recall, more than $200 million is being made available to the class. [Read more…]

USC Tyndall Sexual Misconduct Settlement a “Step Forward” for Victims of Abuse at USC

USC Tyndall Sexual Misconduct Settlement a “Step Forward” for Victims of Abuse at USC

New op-ed piece by Cherylyn Lebon includes comments from Lieff Cabraser partner Annika K. Martin who represents women in the class lawsuit against USC

The Los Angeles Daily News has published an opinion piece praising the terms of the recently-announced federal class action settlement of the lawsuit filed against George Tyndall and the University of Southern California (USC) on behalf of hundreds of women alleging sexual misconduct by the former head gynecologist at the USC student health center. [Read more…]

Court Grants Final Approval to $42.5 Million Settlement of British Airways Frequent Flyer Ticket Surcharges Class Action

Air Travel Complaints

In 2012, Lieff Cabraser filed a class action lawsuit against British Airways over what its frequent flyers alleged was the imposition of extortionate “fuel surcharges” on individuals who wanted to redeem their British Airways frequent flyer miles for air tickets. After months of concerted investigation, Lieff Cabraser’s team tenaciously pursued a six-year course of litigation against an opponent that took the most aggressive positions on every possible issue.

Our firm won every dispute in the case — two motions to dismiss, class certification, Rule 23(f) appeal, summary judgment, Daubert motions, motions in limine, and numerous contested discovery issues.   [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser and Co-Counsel Announce $215 Million Settlement of Class Action Lawsuit Against George Tyndall, M.D., and the University of Southern California for Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Other Serious Offenses


Lieff Cabraser, Sauder Schelkopf LLC, Girard Sharp LLP, and Hagens Berman LLP announce that a $215 million settlement has been reached in the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of women who were sexually abused, harassed, and molested by gynecologist George Tyndall, M.D. while they were students at the University of Southern California (“USC”). The case will be settled as a class action, subject to approval by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, on the basis of a class defined to include “all current or former female students who were seen for treatment by Dr. George M. Tyndall at USC’s student health center for women’s health issues (the ‘Settlement Class’).” [Read more…]

VW Gets Court OK On Program To Scrap Cheating Diesel Cars

VW Diesel Emissions Scandal Settlement

As reported by the Associated Press and numerous other media outlets, Judge Charles Breyer of the Northern District court in San Francisco has issued an order authorizing a test program proposed by Volkswagen for scrapping a set of repurchased vehicles to study the process, timing, costs and logistics of dismantling the violative autos and salvaging them for parts. [Read more…]

Dean Harvey Talks to Law360 About the Invalidated Visa MasterCard Antitrust Settlement

Dean Harvey Talks to Law360 About Invalidated Visa MasterCard Antitrust Settlement

The Second Circuit has invalidated a $7.25 billion antitrust settlement between Visa and MasterCard relating to interchange fees. A June 30 Law360 article (subscription) sees this as a “powerful signal” that class reps must be extremely careful about seeking case resolutions that might “[compromise] someone else’s fundamentally conflicting interests.” [Read more…]