Lieff Cabraser Files RICO, Negligence, Nuisance Lawsuit Against JUUL & Altria on Behalf of Boulder Valley (Colorado) School District for Deceptive and Misleading Youth Targeting and Devastating Injuries from JUUL E-Cigarettes

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Lawsuit includes allegations that JUUL and Altria deliberately and expressly sought to develop and market the blockbuster sequel to combustible cigarettes, the “Most Successful Consumer Product of All Time”

September 15, 2020, Denver, Colorado—(BUSINESSWIRE)—Lieff Cabraser announces that it has filed a federal lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Colorado against JUUL and Altria on behalf of the Boulder Valley School District for violations of Colorado law and of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (“RICO”) as well as negligence and nuisance laws relating to the companies’ creation and youth-targeted marketing of a new nicotine delivery product to maximize profits through addiction. [Read more…]

Vaping Seen to Dramatically Increase Chances of Contracting Covid-19, Intensification of Coronavirus Illness

Juul dangers

Emerging data on coronavirus indicate radically heightened risks, particularly for young vapers and smokers

The New York Times reports that experts are warning the corona virus and its attendant respiratory disease are more easily contracted by and can cause elevated damage to the already-scarred lungs of smokers and vapers. Several new studies have found that smoking can double a person’s risk of severe covid-19 symptoms, and researchers are now reporting that young adults who vape are five times more likely to contract the coronavirus. There are also heightened concerns about other vape liquid additives such as Vitamin E acetate, which can further expose the lungs of vapers to toxins and foreign contaminants. This exposure weakens the body’s ability to fight diseases as airways become clogged and the flow of oxygen to the blood is impeded. [Read more…]