Kenneth Byrd in Nashville Scene on Big Tobacco Sponsorship of Schools

Kenneth Byrd Quoted in Nashville Scene on Tobacco Sponsorship of Schools

The Nashville Scene reports that cigarette giant Phillip Morris, now known as Altria, will be the founding sponsor of the 7th Annual Academies of Nashville gala, an event put on by the Nashville Chamber of Commerce honoring teachers and principals, and recognizing partnerships between business and schools. [Read more…]

New Bill Focuses on Class Actions: What Does This Mean For Defense and Plaintiffs’ Attorneys?

New Bill Focuses on Class Actions: What Does This Mean For Defense and Plaintiffs’ Attorneys?

A new bill focusing on class actions was approved by the House Judiciary Committee on February 15th on a 19 to 12 vote. Known as the 2017 Fairness in Class Action Litigation Act (H.R. 985), the legislation was introduced February 9 by committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.). [Read more…]

Dean Harvey Comments on Valeant-Kadmon Pharma Antitrust Challenges

Dean Harvey Comments on Valeant-Kadmon Pharma Antitrust Challenges

Reuters has published a compelling analysis of ongoing challenges facing pharmaceutical “rogue” Valeant with a focus on its price-inflated drug Syprine and its relationship with also-beleagured pharma company Kadmon. Among other issues, Valeant has been singled out as a prime offender in the realm of hyper-inflated pharmaceutical drugs, with, Syprine, its life-saving Wilson’s disease liver ailment treatment costing some patients nearly $300,000 for a year’s use (in 2011, Valeant priced the drug at less than $1,000 for 100 capsules, a rate that rose by 2015 to over $21,000 for the same dose). [Read more…]

How Lawyers Can Be Good Allies: A Strategic Engagement Conference

Kelly Dermody, Lieff Cabraser partner

[Guest Post to the California Civil Rights Coalition website by Kelly Dermody, Managing Partner of Lieff Cabraser’s San Francisco office and chair of the firm’s Employment practice group]

“Around 4:00 a.m. on November 9, I knew something fundamentally had changed. Our civic institutions, impartial judiciary, fair elections, and rule of law had been openly mocked and undermined. [Read more…]

Spokeo Still Standing: No Sign Of A Circuit Split

Spokeo Still Standing: No Sign Of A Circuit Split

In an expert analysis article published by Law360 (subscription) entitled “Spokeo Still Standing: No Sign Of A Circuit Split,” Lieff Cabraser attorneys Nicholas Diamand and Andrew Kaufman review the U.S. Supreme Court’s May decision in Spokeo Inc. v. Robins, et al. The decision “reaffirmed that, under principles of federal jurisdiction, invasions of privacy give plaintiffs standing to assert their rights in federal court,” wrote Diamand and Kaufman. [Read more…]

Why Drug Prices Skyrocket Despite Market Competition


The LA Times has published an excellent piece on the skyrocketing costs of U.S. prescription drugs despite marketplace competition. The absence of competition for a good or service traditionally provides fertile ground for cost escalation and price-gouging, classic greedy anticompetitive behavior, but the Times’ article explores the prevalence of continuing drug cost escalations in the U.S. even where competition does exist. [Read more…]

Brendan Glackin Writes Piece on Trial Witness Management for the California Daily Journal

Brendan Glackin on Witness Challenges

Lieff Cabraser partner Brendan Glackin has written an article for the Daily Journal entitled “Once a Witness is On the Stand, Things Can Only Go Wrong” about the challenges attorneys face when their clients take the stand in court. While the dramatic aspects of unexpected reveals are often larger in the criminal context, the piece notes that civil cases can nevertheless present worrisome challenges at the moment when clients are put before a courtroom to face open-ended questions. [Read more…]

The 10 Male Lawyer Behaviors Female Lawyers Find Most Annoying

Most annoying male lawyer behaviors

In an article on (subscription), The Careerist discusses “10 Male Behaviors That Annoy Female Lawyers.” The list was drawn from comments by exasperated female readers in the wake of earlier advice offered by The Careerist (“How Women Can Be Assertive and Loveable”), responding with how fed up they are with being told how to behave professionally. [Read more…]