Judge To Ban University of Michigan From Contacting Potential Victims in U of M / Dr. Robert Anderson Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

As reported by The Detroit News, on June 23, 2020, U.S. District Court Judge Victoria Roberts of the Eastern District of Michigan said she will issue an order barring the University of Michigan from contacting any more potential victims of the late Dr. Robert E. Anderson, a former UM doctor and athletics program physician accused

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Deposition of Key Witness in the University of Michigan / Dr. Robert Anderson Decades-Long Sexual Abuse Class Action Will Go Forward

As reported by the Detroit News, lawyers will be allowed to depose a key witness as part of the lawsuits against the University of Michigan involving literally decades of alleged sexual abuse by the late Dr. Robert E. Anderson. In a ruling made June 10th, U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts ordered that Thomas Easthope be

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New York Votes to Extend Child Victims Act ‘Look-Back’ Window for Reporting Sexual Abuse

The New York State Legislature has approved a bill extending the Child Victims Act that gives survivors of childhood sexual abuse more time to bring lawsuits for allegations that occurred even decades ago. As reported by Law.com (subscription), on Wednesday, lawmakers in the state voted to extend the legal “look-back” window by an extra year, officially

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Lieff Cabraser Partner Annika K. Martin Appointed Interim Co-Class Counsel for Plaintiffs in U of M / Anderson Sexual Abuse Class Action

On May 26, 2020, Lieff Cabraser partner Annika K. Martin was appointed to serve as Plaintiffs’ Interim Co-Class Counsel in the sexual abuse litigation against the University of Michigan and Dr. Robert E. Anderson pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. The lawsuit, brought on behalf of former student-patients, alleges

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Civil Litigation and Other Alternatives to Criminal Prosecution Can Achieve the Kind of Institutional Reforms Victims Care About

By Lieff Cabraser Attorney Avery Halfon The cultural impact of Harvey Weinstein’s criminal conviction for felony sex crimes may be broader than any other in years. As the revelations of his abuse were the spark that ignited the #MeToo movement, his guilty verdict symbolizes a formal recognition of how much sexual

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Annika K. Martin Talks to Agenda About the Impact of #MeToo on Corporate Culture

Lieff Cabraser partner Annika K. Martin spoke recently with web based business resource platform Agenda about the rise of the #MeToo movement in corporate culture and how #MeToo has driven corporations to change how they handle misconduct. Rather than buying off accusers, as was once common, those in charge are instead imposing strong ethical standards

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What Victims Value: Individual and Institutional Offenders “Getting It” and Changing Their Behavior

By Lieff Cabraser Attorney Avery Halfon Harvey Weinstein’s criminal conviction for felony sex crimes may be a watershed moment in our cultural recognition and legal handling of sexual misconduct. The more than 90 women who spoke out about Weinstein’s abuse deserve an enormous amount of credit for their bravery, which awakened a societal sea change

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Judge Orders Sexual Abuse Class Action Lawsuit Against Huntington Memorial Hospital and Dr. Patrick Sutton to Move Forward

Judge Otis D. Wright’s March 16, 2020 Order dismissed a small subset of claims from plaintiffs’ Second Amended Complaint but ordered that the case move to trial on numerous other individual and class claims including sexual assault, negligence, and punitive damages On March 16, 2020, the Honorable Otis D. Wright, U.S. District Judge for the

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Lieff Cabraser & Co-Counsel File Sexual Abuse Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of Student-Athletes Against NCAA and Former Track Coach John Rembao

Today, three former student-athletes filed a class action lawsuit against the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), the NCAA Board of Governors, and John Rembao, the former track and cross-country coach at the University of Arizona, University of Texas-Austin and other NCAA universities. The complaint alleges that the NCAA put student-athletes at all NCAA member schools

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Sexual Abuse Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against the University of Michigan by Lieff Cabraser and Co-Counsel

Lawsuit alleges that for over three decades the University of Michigan allowed Dr. Robert E. Anderson to violate the trust of and sexually abuse young male student-patients Lieff Cabraser, The Miller Law Firm, and Sauder Schelkopf, LLC announce that a class action lawsuit has been filed in federal court in the Eastern District of Michigan

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