Ohio Judge Denies Pharmacies Attempt to Escape Public Nuisance In Opioid MDL

Ohio Federal Judge Indicating Support for “Negotiation Class” in Opioid MDL

As reported by Law360 (subscription), an Ohio federal judge has denied attempts by Rite Aid, Walmart and other pharmacies to dismiss claims alleging their opioid monitoring systems were not reliable and that their failure to stop opioids from being obtained illegally created a public nuisance. [Read more…]

Ohio Federal Judge Approves Opioid MDL ‘Negotiation Class’

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As reported by Law360 (subscription), U.S. District Judge Dan Polster has approved the innovative and unprecedented approach of creating a negotiation class of government authorities empowered to negotiate a global settlement with drug manufacturers accused of fueling the destructive opioid addiction crisis that has swept the nation. The “negotiation class” concept was originally [Read more…]

Ohio Federal Judge Indicating Support for “Negotiation Class” in Opioid MDL

Ohio Federal Judge Indicating Support for “Negotiation Class” in Opioid MDL

As reported by Law360, U.S. District Judge Dan Polster appears to be signaling support for the inventive new settlement approach proposed earlier this summer by attorneys for local government plaintiffs in the federal opioids litigation on behalf of about 40 local government entities. According to the publication, in the nearly two-hour hearing held on August 6th, Judge Polster expressed virtually zero criticism of the negotiation class concept and dismissed several objections voiced by the defendants and state attorneys general. Though a ruling was not issued, the judge left onlookers with a solid impression that he was likely to endorse the novel approach. [Read more…]

Ohio Federal Judge Open to Plaintiffs’ “Novel Ideal” for Faster Settlement of Nationwide Opioid MDL

Ohio Federal Judge Open to Plaintiffs’ “Novel Ideal” for Faster Settlement of Nationwide Opioid MDL

As reported by Law360, U.S. District Judge Dan Polster appeared receptive to an inventive new settlement proposal introduced on behalf of about 40 local government entities by plaintiffs’ attorneys at the June 25 hearing in Ohio federal court. Judge Polster oversees nearly 2,000 lawsuits in the opioid multidistrict litigation. Plaintiffs’ proposal would establish a “negotiation class” composed of all the individual cities and counties in the U.S. to seek a global settlement deal with opioid manufacturers, distributors, and pharmacies alleged to have been responsible for fueling the unprecedented opioid epidemic. [Read more…]

Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of San Francisco City and County Against Prescription Opioid Manufacturers

San Francisco Opioid Lawsuit Filed

The City Attorney of San Francisco, Dennis Herrera, in conjunction with Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel, has filed a federal class action lawsuit on behalf of the City and County of San Francisco against the major pharmaceutical companies and distributors responsible for the manufacturing, transmission, and sale of dangerous, highly addictive and often lethal prescription opioids such as Oxycontin and fentanyl in San Francisco. The lawsuit alleges these companies orchestrated a widespread fraud in which they made billions by deceptively marketing these drugs to the people of San Francisco while representing the drugs as safe and effective, creating thousands upon thousands of addicts. [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser Announces Filing of Lawsuit by Cannon County, Tennessee Against Prescription Opioid Manufacturers

Opioids Lawsuit Filed

Lawsuit Seeks Recovery of Taxpayer Monies Spent Combating the Opioid Epidemic Wreaking Havoc on the Cannon County Community; Cannon Joins Other Tennessee Cities and Counties Fighting For Justice After Opiate Drug Devastation

SAN FRANCISCO—(BUSINESS WIRE)—Mark Chalos, of the national plaintiffs’ law firm Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, LLP, announces that Cannon County, Tennessee has filed a lawsuit against prescription opioid manufacturers and distributors to recover taxpayer money spent to combat the opioid epidemic that is devastating the Cannon County community. This case arises out of the worst man-made epidemic in modern medical history—the misuse, abuse, and over-prescription of opioid prescription drugs. [Read more…]

National Opioid Epidemic is Creating Significant Costs for Government Bodies

San Francisco Opioid Lawsuit Filed

Well over 100 Americans die every day from prescription opioid drugs – over 36,000 American each year. These accidental drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for individuals under the age of 50 in the United States. The costs of this horrific opioid epidemic have crept up on local and larger government bodies much in the same way the addictions themselves sneak up on individuals. [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser and Co-Counsel to Represent Broward County & the City of Fort Lauderdale in Opioid Litigation

Lieff Cabraser Opioid Lawsuits

Broward County and the city of Fort Lauderdale have announced that they will be represented by a team of five law firms, including Lieff Cabraser Heimann & Bernstein, in litigation against pharmaceutical companies and drug distributors for their alleged roles in the devastating and ongoing opioid crisis. The other firms on the team are Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm, Kopelowitz Ostrow Ferguson Weiselberg Gilbert, Morgan & Morgan, and Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd. [Read more…]

Mark Chalos Talks to Governing About America’s Lethal Opioid Crisis

Mark Chalos Talks to Governing About America's Lethal Opioid Crisis

Over 100 States and Cities Are Now Suing Drug Companies Over Pandemic Opioid Deaths and Addictions Nationwide

Governing has published a new report on the wide proliferation of lawsuits filed by cities and states against prescription drugmakers for their role in the nation’s opioid epidemic. As the platform notes, new opioid harm lawsuits are being filed almost every week. Unlike most drug epidemics, the opioid scourge is driven largely by a legal industry — the prescription drug system. The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that 75 percent of people who enter treatment for a heroin addiction took their first opioid legally from a prescription. [Read more…]

Lieff Cabraser Enters Into Agreement with Scott County TN to Explore Opioid Epidemic Lawsuit

Opioid epidemic reaching epic proportions

Lieff Cabraser, with Knoxville-based Taylor and Knight, has entered into an official agreement with Scott County, Tennessee, to explore litigation against pharmaceutical companies and other parties over the pernicious opioid epidemic in Scott County. The decision, first announced by WBNT News, came via a unanimous 10-0 vote by the county legislature to begin investigation into lost revenues relating to the widespread distribution and use of pharmaceutical opioids in the county. [Read more…]