Lieff Cabraser Named as Finalist for 2019 Public Justice Trial Lawyer of the Year Award

State Farm

We are proud to announce that Lieff Cabraser’s State Farm case team has been named finalists for the 2019 Public Justice Trial Lawyer of the Year Award. The award celebrates and recognizes “the work of an attorney or team of attorneys working on behalf of individuals and groups that have suffered grave injustice or abuse.” The Trial Lawyer of the Year award will be presented at Public Justice’s Annual Gala and Awards Dinner on Monday, July 29 in San Diego. [Read more…]

Judge Grants Final Approval to $250 Million State Farm RICO Lawsuit Settlement

Final Settlement Approved in State Farm RICO Lawsuit

As reported by Law360, U.S. District Judge David Herndon has granted final approval to a $250 million settlement in the class action lawsuit brought by State Farm policyholders accusing the auto insurer of using campaign donations to buy the vote of an Illinois Supreme Court Justice. [Read more…]

State Farm Settles Rigged-Judge Auto Parts RICO Fraud Trial for $250 Million

State Farm Settles Rigged-Judge Auto Parts RICO Fraud Trial

Hale, et al. v. State Farm, No. 3:12-cv-00660 (S.D. Illinois) began over 20 years ago with a class action suit by State Farm insureds alleging State Farm wrongly replaced their post-accident vehicle parts with non-OEM in violation of the terms of their insurance policies. In 1999, an Illinois state court jury awarded plaintiffs $456 million for breach of contract by the company, and the trial judge added $730 million in punitive damages. An appellate court reduced the verdict to $1.056 billion, at that time one of the largest class-action verdicts in U.S. history. [Read more…]

State Farm Will Settle Rigged-Judge Trial for $250 Million

State Farm

Law360 has reported that on the same day trial was to begin in the case, State Farm has agreed to pay $250 million to settle the RICO lawsuit wherein plaintiffs alleged the company secretly paid millions to help elect an Illinois Supreme Court judge in order to overturn a billion-plus dollar judgment against it from a case originating back in 1997. [Read more…]

Judge Holds Racketeering Lawsuit Against State Farm Over Election Manipulations Can Go Forward

Judge Holds Racketeering Lawsuit Against State Farm Over Election Manipulations Can Go Forward

Insurer is accused of secretly and improperly funding state judge’s campaign so it could get a $1 billion judgment against overturned

U.S. District Judge David R. Herndon has ruled that Lieff Cabraser’s class action lawsuit can proceed against State Farm over charges the insurer acted illegally in spending millions on a secret campaign to get a judge elected to state court who would then rule in State Farm’s favor in a massive pending fraud lawsuit. After losing an earlier lawsuit where it was hit with a $1.05 billion judgment, plaintiffs allege State Farm defrauded them of the judgment by “handpicking Judge Karmeier, covertly funneling millions into his campaign and lying about its support for the judge in communications to the Illinois Supreme Court and counsel for the class.” [Read more…]

State Farm Will Have to Face Campaign Funding Racketeering Claims

State Farm

In a victory for 4.7 million policyholders, a federal judge in Illinois has ruled that State Farm must face a class action lawsuit alleging the company entered into a secret scheme to seat a sympathetic judge to overturn a $1.05 billion judgment against the company for approving the use of lower-quality non-original equipment manufacturer (non-OEM) automotive parts for repairs to policyholder vehicles. The judge rejected State Farm’s argument that the suit over racketeering claims are an improper effort to relitigate claims already reviewed in the related state court case. [Read more…]

State Farm Racketeering Case Now Set As Class Action Suit

Judge gavel, scales of justice and law books in court

Lawsuit alleges State Farm campaigned illegally to elect a judge to vote against previous $1.05 billion judgment against the company

As reported by Law360 (subscription) and other news outlets, U.S. District Court Judge David Herndon has granted class action status to a lawsuit brought by Lieff Cabraser and co-counsel on behalf of 4.7 million State Farm policyholders that alleges State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. carried out a racketeering enterprise aimed at defrauding the policyholders of a $1.05 billion judgment by getting a new judge elected to the Illinois Supreme court who would rule in State Farm’s favor to scuttle the judgment, previously approved by the Illinois appellate court. [Read more…]